Super Track


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The CAS Super Track (ST) spreading equipment is de-signed with efficiency and value in mind with an all new Super Track Feed System. It has been completely re-engineered to increase the strength and durability while eliminating old technology and excess weight. Our greatly improved design is lean and mean, and outperforms anything else on the market today. Our fabricated components are individually powder coated prior to assembly so all surfaces are protected.

The CAS truck-mounted units are designed to pick up, deliver and spread a wide variety of materials with quick turn around. We make two standard sized of units and can mount them on a variety of trucks and axle configurations to balance maneuverability and maximize payload. These units can be operated both manually and with remote control, and even with re-mote drive capabilities.

Our new trucks are designed for higher productivity and less maintenance. The CAS high performance con-veying system maintains high output even at great dis-tances while eliminating all chains and sprockets.

CAS Efficiency
The optional CAS Remote Drive System provides a con-trolled continuous motion feature for both the truck-mounted CAS ST and the CAS MG. Set the desired speed, and equipment will apply in motion, making placement of material highly productive and economi-cal.

Hopper Body
Steel Box with 10 Gauge Sheeting
100% Scam Weld
Spring Body Mounted
Powder Coat Finish
Lined with UHMW

Feed Conveyor
Fully Exposed 24” wide 330 2-Ply Belt (Reduces Material Bridging)

Placing Conveyor
CAS exclusive 14” Long Shot Belt with 1/2” Cleats
Tube Steel Design
High Performance Rear Mounted Direct Drive
Poly Filled Bearings
Worm Gear Pivot

Hydraulic System
PTO Mounted 5000 PSI Rated Load Sensing Hy-draulic Piston Pump, Piggybacked by a 3500 PSI Rated Gear Pump
Sauer Danfoss Hydraulic Motors
Pressure & Return Filtration System (10 Micron Absolute Rating)
Hawe Proportional Valves
High Pressure Hoses and Fittings

Electrical System
Omnex Radio and Receiver Control Package with Frequency Hopping

Optional Equipment
Super Shield: (standard and/or hydraulic drive)
Electric Power Tarp Water System with 42 Gallon Tank and Hose Reel
Rear Fenders: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Tool Box: Aluminum or Stainless Steel Vibrator

Weight and Dimensions
 Approx. Weight with Options: 32,000 lbs. Estimated Weight ST16: 9,100 lbs.* Estimated Weight ST20: 10,100 lbs.*

*estimated weight is “ready to operate” – NOT dry weight—includes PTO’s, Fenders, Hydraulic Oil and all other equipment and accessories.

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